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Serving the Community

Thank you for being a part of fulfilling our mission to improve the oral health and the overall well-being of the communities we serve. As a not-for-profit organization, a portion of our residuals each year goes back into communities across North Carolina. When you choose to partner with Delta Dental, you help support underserved children across North Carolina.

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We believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile!

Learn more about current programs:

Smiles for Kids

Smiles for Kids is a Delta Dental Foundation mini-grant program that supports community-based oral health programs and initiatives that promote and improve the oral health of underserved children.

Water's Cool at School

This is a Delta Dental Foundation program which encourages students to drink more water throughout the day by replacing old drinking fountains in schools with new water bottle-filling stations.

Delta Dental Foundation General Grants

Other grant opportunities are also available from the Delta Dental Foundation.

Emerald Pine the Tooth Fairy

This new educational outreach program is designed to share the magic of the Tooth Fairy with under-resourced children and their caregivers.

Learn more about our Smiles for Kids grant recipients:

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