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Oral Health Flyers

Spread oral health knowledge with our downloadable oral health flyers!

Children’s Oral Health

Back to School  (Envelope Stuffer
First Visit by First Birthday  (Envelope Stuffer)
Healthy Lunches: School Fuel for Kids  (Envelope Stuffer)
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Child  (Envelope Stuffer
Sealants Seal the Deal  (Envelope Stuffer)
Tooth Trauma  (Envelope Stuffer)

Disease Detection

Dentists are Disease Detectives  (Envelope Stuffer)
Eating Disorders Affect Oral Health  (Envelope Stuffer)
Healthy Smiles, Healthy Hearts  (Envelope Stuffer)
Making the Connection: Oral Health and Diabetes  (Envelope Stuffer)
Oral Cancer: Let's Talk About It  (Envelope Stuffer)

General Oral Health

Flossing 101  (Envelope Stuffer)
Fluoride: Tap into It  (Envelope Stuffer)
Implants: Filling the Gap  (Envelope Stuffer)
Keeping Mom and Baby Healthy  (Envelope Stuffer)
Rethink Your Drink—Choose Water  (Envelope Stuffer)
Tobacco: Unfiltered Facts  (Envelope Stuffer)
Toothbrush Truths  (Envelope Stuffer)
Tooth Wisdom Throughout the Years  (Envelope Stuffer)
Xylitol Explained  (Envelope Stuffer)
Preventing Opioid Abuse (Envelope Stuffer)

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